​Management and Organisational Practices help businesses grow in terms of efficiency, product innovation, and customer acquisition.. The Indian Management and Growth Survey aims to document and understand these phenomena for businesses in India.

To conduct our project, we will collect data directly from top management through direct interviews, in which aspects of organizational practices and business growth will be explored. This project is funded by the King Center on Global Development at Stanford University, and will be conducted in collaboration with CTIER which has contributed with its rich network and knowledge of the Indian entrepreneurial fabric.

If you have been contacted by one of our analysts to answer the questionnaire: your participation is of utmost importance to our project and we really appreciate your contribution! We are convinced that our project will contribute to increasing the performance and growth of the Indian business sector, and your contribution is fundamental to achieving this goal.

All information collected during the interviews is strictly confidential and covered by the protocols of the Researchers’ Academic Ethics Committees. All information will be used purely for academic purposes and the aggregated results will help inform the development or improvement of public policies in India.

Phases of the project

  1. Business leaders are invited to participate in an interview

A group of qualified analysts addresses the top management of a sample of  businesses and invites them to participate in a survey on use of management and organisational practices.

  1. An expert team on data collection interviews business leaders

On behalf of Stanford University, an experienced team of in-house analysts working from the CTIER office will conduct an interview with top management representatives. All analysts receive intensive training on business concepts and will use standard methodologies to reach management representatives and complete interviews. 

  1. The research team analyzes the data and shares the results

After all the interviews have been completed, the Stanford University research team analyzes the data collected, aggregates and synthesizes the responses of the participating managers and produces a report that outlines the main trends on management practices and growth. As a thank you for their participation, all participants will be sent a report with the preliminary results to the e-mail address provided during the interview.

If you have any doubts or questions about the project or specific questions on the questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following addresses: chaitanya.lekharaju@ctier.org, +91 8827766642.